About hiddenarts

Peter Huston is the senior producer/director and owner of FilmAffects. He is a graduate of Boston University School of Public Communication (SPC’81) BS (Broadcasting and Film) with additional studies in filmmaking at Ohio State University School of Film. After working in the early expansion period of the cable television industry doing franchising and managing a company production facility, he began producing several regional series for cable. In 1987, with partner John Capellupo, Horizon Media began to provide complete production support for series, documentaries, and corporate clients. In 1992 Horizon Media launched “WorldScape” a 13 part series hosted by Walter Cronkite on PBS. In 1993 the award winning series “The Visionaries”, hosted by Sam Waterston was launched. Over the last nine years Peter has been a producer, director, and series production manager for “The Visionaries” and was the DP for the first and second season as well. In 1998 Emotion Pictures was formed to produce a documentary series called “Fathom” on the environment with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute for the Discovery Channel. In 2006 One4three was established to pursue documentary and factual program production. As director and senior producer Peter has continued to produce programming for PBS, Hallmark, Odyssey, Home & Garden, MTV, Outdoor Life, Fox, has co-produced a feature film and done scores of corporate and educational projects. 2013 Peter completed an Emmy nominated documentary on The Battle of Lake Erie Bicentennial "Don't give up the Ship" and in 2016 the Emmy nominated documentary "Trail Magic, the Grandma Gatewood Story"

Myth 2: Perry’s Monument is a Lighthouse

Today we have our second video! Watch it on vimeo or youtube below. Make sure to watch it fullscreen and in HD if you can.